Unwelcome Guests


This strange photo shows something it really shouldn’t: an insect that doesn’t belong in my region in my house in February.

The same day that I took this photo,  I was walking my dog and I heard the unmistakable calls of grackles. Sure enough,  the next morning, I saw one strutting around on a neighbor’s lawn.

That may not seem strange where you live,  but for me, it’s a full 3 weeks earlier than grackles have ever returned in the spring. I guess that means spring is definitely here–again though,  that’s much too early.

While you will never find me complaining about warmth and the end of winter, particularly as a gardener,  when birds return 3 weeks earlier than usual,  I do wonder what they are going to find to eat. It’s not as if there an abundance of insects or berries this time of year.

I guess we will see.