Lecture List

Perennial and Landscape Gardening; Garden Design

Trade Secrets: An Insider’s Guide To Plant Selection, Hardiness and More!

How to be a Lazy Gardener–or Working With Nature Instead of Against It

Gardening for Pollinators (Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Bees)

Herb Gardening Made Easy

Top 5 Garden Problems and How to Solve Them

Waking Up the Garden in the Early Spring

Maintaining the Garden–What to Deadhead for Re-bloom, What Not to Cut Back Until Spring and Other Handy Tips

Pruning Made Practical

Gardening for Beauty and Bounty

New and Unusual Shade Garden Plants

Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens

Hot Gardening Trends

Ornamental Grasses for Every Garden

Gardening Sustainably

Easy Organic Gardening for Everyone

Gardening for Pollinators (Butterflies, Hummingbirds & Bees)

Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens

Backyard Bird and Wildlife Gardening

Wildlife Gardening

Gardening for Pollinators

Birding for Gardeners

Backyard Bird and Wildlife Gardening

Critter and Deer Proofing

Houseplants, Tropicals and Container Gardening

Houseplants for the Four Exposures

Creative Container Design

Container Water Gardening

Bulb Gardening

Designing with Holland Bulbs

Uncommon Bulbs for a Succession of Bloom

Water Gardening

Spring Pond Care

Waking up the Pond (includes pond cleaning)

Fall and Winter Pond Care

Water Gardening 101

Organic Water Gardening

Container Water Gardening

Gardening in the Parables: A Gardener Looks at 3 Parables from Matthew, Mark & Luke

One thought on “Lecture List

  1. George Koulomzin March 9, 2020 / 7:18 pm

    I would like to tell you about my new app “Sun and Shade Analyzer” which determines the average hours of sunlight an place in your garden, taking into consideration trees, buildings, and other objects causing shade. This app can literally change a gardener’s relationship with the sun!

    Since you are using Askimet I probably cannot create links to the app’s website.
    Please write to my email address and I will point you to much more information, and I can enlist your feedback.

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