If You Don’t Like the Weather…

Mark Twain, the famous writer, and one time Hartford resident, has famously said “if you don’t like the weather in Connecticut, wait 5 minutes. ”

Which is where I have developed my own weather statement from: we don’t have seasons here, we have winter and July. And apparently winter is ending a bit early for us this year–by the end of this week, it’s predicted to be in the upper 80s! That should be interesting. We have had a few warm days in April before (as well as some ridiculous snowstorms), but I can’t recall needing the central air in April. I hope that I still won’t but it’s not looking promising.

But wait–isn’t this a gardening blog? Why, yes. But as I always say when I am lecturing, if the weather is hard on us, it’s equally difficult for our plants, who can’t just pick up their roots and move somewhere for relief.

This unseasonable warm spell is coming with no rain. And while it has been a wet winter, with warm (dare I say hot) temperatures and low humidity, it is going to dry out fast. We have already had one “red flag” day because of the warm, dry conditions.

So as the temperatures heat up this week, be aware of stress on your plants, particularly broad leafed evergreens.

Deciduous trees may be leafing out more quickly than they are used to as well–or earlier.

While I rarely complain that it is too warm, I also don’t want my plants to fry. So just be aware. And if you are like me–someone who likes it warm–enjoy this early bit of “July.”

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