Plants Are Usually Killed by Overwatering–Except at My House

Earlier this week, I walked by this window and noticed this wilting succulent. Now more plants, particularly cacti and succulents are generally killed by over-watering, not under-watering. Then there’s my house.

My house is generally on the cooler side, especially in the winter, so keeping a plant, particularly a cactus or succulent too wet is certain death for it.

Other plants that also prefer a bit of dryness–philodendron and citrus come to mind here–also don’t mind the coolness of my home so long as I don’t drown them.

So I always tend to err in that direction.

But now that we are into late March–soon to be April–and the sun is getting warmer, I need to be mindful that certain plants might need a bit more water than they needed in December, say.

I have been checking for–and sadly already finding–the little insects that love to make themselves known with more sunlight and warmer days.

So take a lesson from me–plants don’t like “tough love!”

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