Snow Daze

The way that the weather people have been carrying on about the East Coast, you, might think that this is the first snow of the winter. It isn’t. Nor is it particularly unusual for us to get snow this time of year. We regularly get snow in late February and early or even mid-March.

What is unusual is that this is almost half the snow that we have received for the whole season. This is about a 6″ storm. We have had another 7″ or so over the whole rest of the winter. That’s what’s crazy. We should have had at least 40″ by now.

And it was a pretty storm too. Not wet enough to do damage but heavy enough to cling and be pretty.

I should have gotten a little closer here but I didn’t want to ruin the snow with my footprints (does anyone else think about that? ) That’s my new bench that my sister gave me for Christmas looking pretty in the snow.

2 thoughts on “Snow Daze

  1. Cathy March 3, 2023 / 6:52 pm

    Oh yes, I do think the same about untouched snow – but I also love being the first to leave their footprints in it (after the photos!). Your bench is magical. 😀

    • gardendaze March 4, 2023 / 5:59 am

      Thank you! We love the bench.

      And thanks for the thought about being the first to leave footprints in the snow. It’s a new perspective.

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