The Perfect Plant for Valentine’s Day

I am lucky, as you saw by Wednesday’s post, that the Spoiler has a romantic nature. But he’s not entirely romantic, of course–he buys the roses early because they don’t cost a fortune that way. That’s the practical, New England Yankee, side of him.

And frankly, for cut flowers, that’s a reasonable approach. There’s no reason to pay a ridiculous premium because of a certain day or date.

But I of course, think there’s perhaps an even better way to approach the day altogether for those who enjoy house plants (as I do) and those who know about them. You can’t just try this with anyone–not every person would appreciate a plant instead of flowers.

But if you know that your sweetheart would, the aglaeonema (a plant with an unlovely name) makes a lovely gift.

Its “common” name isn’t any better–it’s commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen, but I think it’s best if we avoid plant names that have any reference to locale, for obvious reasons. So Aglaeonema it is. The one pictured above is called ‘Wishes.’

These are very easy-care plants. They like bright light, but no direct sun. They are not fussy about watering–they can dry a bit before needing water, unlike some that need the nearly impossible conditions of “evenly moist,” (which I have never figured out how to achieve without somehow rotting the plant!). They even tolerate my cooler than normal home conditions of about 60 degrees with no problem.

And they are slow-growing, so they won’t need re-potting in any hurry. Particularly in winter, their lower leaves may yellow, so you’ll want to remove those before they become unsightly but that’s the only real “problem” that they have. In my 8 years or so experience with these plants, they have never gotten any insects or diseases.

Of course, these plants are great for more than just Valentine’s Day. There are red-stemmed and red-leafed varieties that I use around Christmas time instead of poinsettias in my cold house. And their cheery color is just great for brightening up a room through the long winter–or anytime. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Plant for Valentine’s Day

  1. theresa February 10, 2023 / 2:01 pm

    Regarding cut flowers, my husband does the same, only he’s a Midwesterner! Those plant breeders sure have been busy. The Chinese evergreen the real estate agent gave me when I bought my house sure doesn’t look like that!

    • gardendaze February 10, 2023 / 2:17 pm

      Well, I am photographing straight down on top of the plant so maybe that’s the difference. I wanted to capture all the glorious color in the leaves!

      I do have some that have gotten taller and a little lankier, if you’re thinking that’s what yours has done. But the stems are almost as pretty as the leaves–almost. Either way, enjoy it–and if it’s not as pretty as mine, go find one that is and treat yourself!

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