Can’t See the Sunset for the Trees

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks about the best place to see a sunset near me.

There really aren’t any good places to see sunsets–or sunrises–for that matter. Connecticut is–believe it or not–a heavily forested state.

Yes, we do have small hills (which we charmingly call mountains) and I am sure that both sunrises and sunsets are lovely from up there but most are located in parks that are closed at dusk. You would have to hike down well before sunset to get your car out before the gate is locked.

As for our beaches, they don’t really face the appropriate direction for sunset.

Luckily in winter, sunsets are fairly spectacular from anywhere so it is possible to see them just driving on the highway. That’s about the best place for them that my terribly unromantic soul can think of–but, as usual, they have been glorious this winter.

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