Not for Public Discussion

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks about titles for chapters of my autobiography.

Sorry, even though I write this blog and am a public speaker, there’s never going to be an autobiography. So I guess the chapters are titled “non-existent. “

I was queried by the publisher of Prince Harry’s memoir about whether I intended to read it with the obvious follow up question of why or why not.

Although I do read a lot of books (135 last year) and I do occasionally read memoir, I am taking a pass on this one. It feels too much like it has an agenda to me, and is not “just ” a memoir.

But since it is selling quite well, I don’t think that the publisher needs to be worried about my opinion!

You might have noticed that with the exception of #bloganuary, I try to keep this blog about its stated topic, gardening. There’s very little personal opinion in here unless it’s gardening related. That’s deliberate. If I want to express opinion, I get reckless and tweet.

So I am not going to be writing a memoir or autobiography any time soon. Not only do I have nothing to say that I think anyone would care about, if I write a book anytime soon, it is going to be about gardening!

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