Smarter than Your Average Dog?

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks about something I learned recently.

This is a little crazy but I learned that there are dog intelligence toys (and I thought calling myself a plant parent was indulgent, right? )

At Christmas, my sister gave my dog two different levels of dog intelligence toys. They are about what you might expect: hide a treat under some sort of peg (but not all the pegs, of course) and get the dog to find the treat.

The “intelligence ” part shows up in whether the dog finds only the treats and does just willy-nilly start poking, pulling, or swiping (depending on the game) at the pegs.

I can’t say that I was surprised by my dog’s performance. She found all the treats and then looked at me like, “okay, how about more?”

I have had dogs–same breed–that might not even have found the game on the floor. It all depends. Some are prey and food motivated like Amie. Others, not so much.

But it’s interesting to know about these dog intelligence toys. I would never have guessed.

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