Middle of the Road Procrastination

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks about the pros and cons of procrastination.

I am not usually one who procrastinates much so it’s going to be hard to see much benefit in it. Don’t mistake what I am saying–there are good reasons to think about things before making decisions. If you want to call that the “pros” of procrastinating, good.

As for the “cons,” again, I would think that it might be a bad idea to put things off. You might miss opportunities. Work could pile up. You could miss out on leisure or fun because you are too busy catching up–but I am not entirely sure.

Certainly we all play “catch up” on occasion but if it is not a result of procrastination, but merely because of temporary busyness, it isn’t a problem. It resolves itself. With procrastination it can be a lifestyle.

I once knew someone who was so paralyzed by decision-making that he let a job pass him by. That is the true “con” of procrastination–but it’s also an extreme case.

Most of us put off–temporarily–things we’d rather not do. As long as we don’t take it to extremes, I think it’s just fine.

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