Envying the Rest of the World

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks what language we wish we could speak.

Sigh. I have always been so envious, when I travel abroad and meet natives where I am traveling, of their language proficiency. This started on a high school trip to France when I met other high school students in France. They were from all over–Germany, Spain, France, of course and probably a couple of other countries too. And everyone spoke English well. And they spoke French. Plus whatever their native language was.

And I was trying to muddle by with a couple of years of high school French–ugh!

The same thing happened years later after law school when I was traveling in Europe with a bunch of people from all over. They were fluent in everything. I was meddling by with that same bad French.

So it’s not that I wish I could speak any one particular language; it’s that I wish our United States education system prioritized learning multiple languages at young ages, when it’s easy to do.

And please–I know that is impossible. I know what our education system is up against. I watch the news. I feel for educators. But if I had an ideal world, that would be nice.

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