It’s the Little Things

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks about how we show love.

Interestingly enough, when I log into my WordPress site every morning to write, there’s a different writing prompt. I guess they do that year-round. Who knew?

Anyway, if you all hadn’t guessed from reading by now, either reading these special posts or reading my gardening posts, I am not a particularly flashy kind of person (although I do like big plants and bright flowers on occasion).

So I am sure that it’s not a surprise that I don’t show love by giving huge gifts like cars with huge bows on top–or whatever.

My idea of showing love is to just consistently consider what the other person–husband, friend, sister, whomever–wants, and to try to do that thing. It’s pretty simple, except sometimes it’s not, as you can imagine. No one is a mind reader.

So if it’s a question of dinner, I ask. And it becomes almost like a comedy routine because I always get the same answer: “what are my choices?”

Well, generally they were the same as last night and the same as tomorrow….You get the idea. You also get the idea that I don’t enjoy cooking. So that’s truly a way that I show love–I cook the Spoiler what he likes, even if won’t eat it.

Just the little things.

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