Competent Enough

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks about a lie we tell ourselves.

I am not quite sure if this qualifies, but I have always had a touch of “imposter syndrome.” For those not familiar with the term, I am using it to mean feeling like I am not qualified to do whatever job I am doing at the time.

Interestingly enough, I rarely have that in my gardening life. The rest of my “work” life, yes. But when it comes to gardening, it’s certainly not that I know everything–because how could you? But I have been doing it for so long that I just feel confident, I guess.

To add to the imposter syndrome thing, when I was just out of law school–I don’t even think I had been practicing a year yet–I had the managing partner I was working with on something say to me ” oh, I am going to have to watch you. You look so competent. “

Mind you, he was reviewing a 60 page letter on federal and state regulations. Hard to be competent in your first attempt at that, I recognize now, but at the time it was crushing.

By the way, we went on to co-author books together on the same topic so I guess I proved competent enough after all–but seriously, I still remember that, 35 years later. Truly soul crushing!

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