Luge Track

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks about what irritates me about my home.

This is so easy it’s ridiculous. It’s the driveway. And what’s funny is that the driveway appears benign if I were to post a photo. It’s about 60 feet of blacktop that goes up at a fairly steep angle then takes a hard right for another 40 feet or so in front of the house.

Living in the frozen north as I do, you can imagine the logistical challenges this presents. I have driven Subarus for the last 24 years to cope but lately we get more ice than snow and no vehicle can cope with that.

The Spoiler finally came around and also got a Subaru for his “winter ” car 8 years ago. Before that, we–or AAA–were regularly digging him out of the drifts on either side of the driveway.

In summer, it’s just fine. But there’s too little summer here.

And while I have commercial brine. (that liquid magnesium chloride that road crews use) to treat the driveway with, too often what happens is that we get rain that freezes so brine washes away and then the driveway is a luge track.

Last year I had to park my car at a neighbor’s for a week and hike up the lawn.

Thanks, but if I had any other way to access this house, I would change my driveway in a heartbeat!

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