Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks what color describes your personality and why?

Oh my! Is this like “what color is your aura” question? I am not sure that my personality has a color but I will give it a go.

My favorite color is any shade of purple from the palest lilac to the deepest plum. You might notice that many of the annuals that I grow (forced hyacinths, purple petunias in my hydroponic garden) are purple.

I do it because those flowers are some of the most fragrant. In fact, I walked into the house last evening and immediately thought, “oh, something’s blooming.” Sure enough, it was a forced hyacinth on the desk nearby.

So purple is my favorite color and so I think I would say that it describes my personality too. It’s not a pure color like red or blue, from which it is made. That’s my personality–a combination of things.

And I think people often associate purple with moodiness. I wouldn’t say that I am moody, necessarily, but I am quiet and reserved and people often mistake that for all sorts of things. So purple seems to fit that because it can have that moody tone.

Finally purple is associated with so many causes but one of them is migraine awareness. I have had migraine headaches since kindergarten. Believe when I say it is so much more than a headache!

So purple seems to fit me well. I’m claiming it!

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