Simple Things

Today’s #bloganuary prompt is to describe the happiest day of your life.

It’s interesting that WordPress chose that as a theme because there has been so much written lately about happiness, joy, the happiest people based on 3 decades of studies–you get the idea.

In fact, when I first started seeing all these articles popping up, I started thinking about what I meant by “happiness ” and when I last felt it.

What I decided was that happy was kind of a fleeting emotion for me–as was joy. I might feel each of them for a brief time, say, a couple of moments or an hour or something but not even for a day. I don’t think I have had a whole happy day.

But before you say ” get this woman help or some meds,” don’t think that I am clinically depressed. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that many people have described me as “upbeat” or “positive.”

And that’s because I would describe myself as content. And just about every day I am content.

So my “happiest ” day is actually my most content day. It could be today. Who knows?

What makes it a good day? Being able to spend it peacefully, with the Spoiler (my husband) and my dog, doing a little something with plants (house plants is fine), maybe getting outside for a nice walk and getting some time to read. All things that are possible today.

I wish that kind of a day for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. theresa January 17, 2023 / 11:01 am

    Walking the dog at sunrise and turning to see the sky all aglow makes me grateful for that moment. Spotting a wildflower or bird brings happiness. Each flower newly blooming in the garden, each new seedling popping up is a thing of wonder. Thank you for your blog, it is a joy

    • gardendaze January 17, 2023 / 11:03 am

      Oh Theresa, yes, you have put that so beautifully! That’s it exactly! Thank you for sharing!

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