Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks how I would spend a billion US dollars.

So the first thing to get out of the way is that I guess we don’t get to keep it for retirement. Sigh.

I wonder if we could invest and spend the interest so that it might stand a chance of doing greater good? That would be my first choice.

As for where and how? I would have to think about that, never having had vast sums of money to throw at causes I cared about.

I would like to try to spend it on causes that help people help themselves–there are places that drill wells in water scarce regions, places that help families buy livestock for farming, but I need to see if they do in fact help.

There are also so many places–including in our country–without access to good medical care. Could I help? That might suck my billion right up.

And children in our country are hungry. Again, could I help? If kids are hungry, they can’t learn or grow, they get sick–maybe that’s where the money goes.

Let me have that billion. I have a whole bunch of ways to give it away!

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