Christmas Snow

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks about the most memorable gift we have received.

I have been blessed by many memorable gifts but in this instance I want to remember a gift of a memory.

It was the first Christmas that I spent in Connecticut instead of returning to my family in New Jersey (who needless to say, weren’t too happy). I spent it with the man who went on to become my husband, aka The Spoiler, for those familiar with his gardening exploits.

On Christmas eve we went to his church service, which was Lessons and Carols. We got out of the service and it was snowing! What a gift!

It continued to snow into the night so that we had snow for Christmas morning as well.

For those of you used to hearing me refer to Connecticut as “the frozen north,” you may find it odd to know that snow on Christmas is actually pretty rare here. It regularly snows before Christmas but it is almost always gone by Christmas day.

So to have snow on Christmas eve and day was truly a gift and a memorable one.

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