Stirring the Pot

Today’s #bloganuary prompt asks how far back in my family tree can I go?

I suspect that I truly am the last person on the planet NOT curious about this. I will explain.

My sister is the genealogist for the maternal side of our family. I don’t exactly know how many generations she has gone back. The last time she, my Mom and I were all together she was going over what she had to get my Mom to supply details. It was amazing what was there, but since she was concentrating on relatively recent things, there weren’t too many “generations ” in there. On the maternal side, I am guessing that we have at least 6 or 8 generations but since I don’t care, I could be sorely underestimating.

On my Dad’s side, we have 14 generations and they are all here in my computer somewhere. A cousin is the genealogy buff on his side, bless her. Have I looked at it, even the part that pertains to me? Um, no. I am more interested in plant breeding than people, I guess.

And one final note: a work colleague just had some of her family get DNA tests for Christmas, hence the title of my post. All of a sudden, unknown people are popping up, as she describes it, “like whack a mole.”

You couldn’t pay me untold sums to do something like that!

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