Joy for the World

Today’s #bloganuary prompt is “what brings you joy?”

It’s an interesting question and apparently WordPress isn’t the only one asking. I have been reading a lot lately about happiness and joy and so that has made me think about those things in my own life.

Of course these are sort of elusive concepts and what brings me joy may not bring joy to someone else.

But if I had to say that something did, it’s going to be one of my hobbies, either gardening or singing.

And each of those hobbies “gives back,” in a sense. My gardens are organic and are designed, as much as possible, for pollinators and birds. So while I get tremendous pleasure from my hobby, I hope that I am also helping wildlife and nature too.

As for singing, I am an amateur singer in my church choir. But I love to sing. It completely makes me forget about everything else while I am doing it and I immerse myself in the music. So that brings me great joy.

I am presuming that my very minor part, combined with the effort of my choir members, is bringing joy to our congregation because attendance has increased recently. So that’s nice. But of course that’s not why we do it.

Still, joy for the world!

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