Today’s #bloganuary post is about your earliest memory.

Truly my earliest memory is just a snippet, like a dream fragment. I was about 2 1/2. I was with my paternal grandmother and she was reading to me.

Now how do I know this? Well, even my family was skeptical that I could remember something so far back until I described the chair, the place we were sitting and what I would have seen (a bookshelf with books).

And it’s not as if I remembered it from later visits. She died when I was 2 1/2 and my grandfather came to live with my aunt so the house was sold.

But if that snippet doesn’t count, here’s a gardening one that I use when I lecture. I say that I have been gardening since the age of 3 when I used to run ahead of my Dad’s push mower “saving” the Johnny Jump-ups in the lawn.

I also distinctly remember doing that. And it was before my sister was born, and she was born shortly before I turned 4.

When I lecture, I say that I am still “saving ” the various little bulb flowers that come up in our lawn before we do our first mowing.

I guess I was born to be a gardener.

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