Ordinary Bravery

Today’s prompt for #bloganuary asks about bravery and how am I brave?

We have just come through a global pandemic (and are still weathering it in certain places). We certainly saw bravery in the medical professionals who worked through that, particularly in very early days before much was known, helping to save the lives of our loved ones (or in many cases, just being the last person our loved ones were with. )

But there were so many others who were asked to carry on as normal who were not tasked as “essential workers.” In my state, luckily, garden centers were permitted to remain open when other businesses were forced to shutter, but yet those employees were not considered “essential. “

Many other businesses that also had to remain open had workers who were not considered “essential. “

And that doesn’t even begin to touch on the whole class of delivery people who came to our doors so some of us could stay home–or visit as few places as possible.

I am in one of those classes of people who worked through the pandemic–albeit in a small office so my contact with people was limited. Nevertheless, I was very mindful of all the others like me who were “essential ” and yet not classified as such.

While I in no way intend to minimize the true bravery of people like first responders and our military, many ordinary people kept calm and carried on, as they say, during those early days of Covid, so that the economy didn’t truly grind to a complete stop.

And while I know that many, many more wished for that opportunity, please remember back to those early days of masks and face shields and airing mail and washing packages and groceries (if you did all that). It was a scary time. There were no vaccines for those who accept the science of them. It was ordinary bravery.

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