Bulbs for Winter

So even though I have a lot of house plants, I still like to get the sense that I am actively doing some sort of gardening over the winter months. Since that’s a decent amount of time for me here in the frozen north, I do a lot with bulbs.

The bulbs above are the traditional paperwhite narcissus. This variety is ‘Ziva’ and that’s the one that most people seem to object to if they object to the scent. There are other varieties that are less strongly scented, and some that are pale yellow as well. Since I don’t object to the traditional scent, I just buy ‘Ziva.’

I love amaryllis too. These are 3 that I started at the same time Thanksgiving weekend. Despite being started at the same time they are not on the same blooming schedule clearly. And that’s fine with me. I will be happier if they bloom at different times.

Finally here is a tray of white and purple hyacinths that I am forcing. They will take somewhere between 10-14 weeks so they will be ready around the end of February.

I am not sure what I was thinking: I bought 50 bulbs! So I need to pot up more of them so that they can get ready to bloom. Since they are in a relatively cool place, I suspect that they will be ready shortly after these forced ones.

It’s going to be a colorful–and fragrant–winter!

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