Vine Madness

Happy, healthy vines

Despite the drought summer, my vining plants were very happy.

What you are looking at–from left to right–is the heart leafed philodendron (philodendron hederaceum), the neon philodendron (philodendron cordatum ‘neon’) and the silver satin pothos (scindapsus pictus), also known as silver vine.

Interestingly enough, supposedly the silver vine will grow up to 10 feet in the wild, so to speak. It’s been a fairly slow grower for me–I am not sure that I would know what to do with a plant that would climb up to 10 feet. I don’t have one of those houses that I see all over social media where the plants are climbing on everything–nor do I really want to.

I am kind of freaking out about the growth of my monsteras, even though I knew what they might do. I guess I really didn’t think they’d grow like that for me! But winter’s coming. They will slow down. Everything does (including me).

Don’t mistake the matter–I do put all these plants outside exactly so they will grow. But a good portion of that is to offset the 8 months of the year when they really don’t grow. (Remember my They’re NOT Growing post from last winter?) My plants not only don’t grow inside, some actually lose more leaves than they had when they came in.

So all this summer growth is crucial to surviving winter. It’s like bears fattening up for hibernation–at least in my cold house in my dark, cold climate.

But it’s too early to worry about winter. We have the beauty of autumn to enjoy yet.

One thought on “Vine Madness

  1. Everything Plant September 16, 2022 / 9:44 am

    Love the various colors!

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