Shoehorning My Plants Back Inside

Quiet window for the moment

It’s been a challenging summer. Like most of the rest of the country, we here in the Northeast have been dealing with persistent drought.

And while I am very selective about what I water during a drought, even going so far to hand water so as not to waste water, I have decided that it’s just best to start bringing in the houseplants. They will need far less water that way, and I will perhaps have slightly more time to myself–once that transition is made, of course.

Succulents from their indoor home

These succulents won’t have to be moved too far–just up a flight of steps. Anything that was supposed to be transplanted (like that wickedly spiny milk tree) has already been taken care of. I just need to carry it–carefully–upstairs.

Succulents in need of work

These succulents not only need to be moved indoors and upstairs by 6 of them need repotting. So I have a good morning’s work ahead of me here.

The succulents in their “winter” home

And this is how it all turns out.

This year’s plant moving will have to be more gradual–say, one room at a time, or perhaps even fewer than that. You might have noticed that I am posting fewer posts as well. Without getting into a whole complicated explanation, I am doing physical therapy for my neck, which never quite recovered from the face down positioning of my eye surgery. It’s been a summer, we’ll just say.

But it’s all good. I just need to be slow, careful and deliberate, something I am not known for. But it’s sort of like gardening. You can’t force a plant to grow or a seed to sprout. Everything in its time.

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