Editing Nature

Wild ferns

On Monday, you saw some “wild” planted impatiens, goldenrod and white snakeroot. I am fond of saying that nature sometimes plants better than I do!

Here’s another area where I have been “gifted” with free plants. I didn’t plant these lovely ferns, but they work beautifully under a large dogwood, with some hosta that I did plant.

So what do I mean about editing? Well, if nature had her way, we would also have about 2000 maple seedlings under that dogwood–and of course an assortment of weeds.

Unfortunately the ferns are not thick enough to shade out the weeds (unlike the goldenrod and snakeroot. Nothing seems to grow there except an occasional aster, another lovely late blooming pollinator plant).

So this area needs some attention at least once a year, perhaps more in wet years. But somehow that seems a small price to pay for nature-gifted plants!

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