Even the Weeds are Wilting

Wilting wild impatiens

I really hesitate to discuss weather and drought with so much of the world suffering from drought, extreme heat, wildfires and flooding.

Wilting “weeds”–which I consider wildflowers because they are so attractive to hummingbirds–really isn’t that much of a problem when you consider the number of people who have lost their homes to extreme weather. Many have lost lives as well. I don’t mean to minimize that for a moment.

But one glance at the above photo tells you that the drought in my part of the world is once again becoming problematic. Look at the dry, cracked ground. And the extreme heat predicted for us this week isn’t going to help.

By the way, this is a shade area (if you hadn’t guessed by the impatiens and the moss. As another aside, notice how drought tolerant the moss is).

Goldenrod and white snakeroot

This is that other later blooming area that I have for pollinators. The snakeroot should be coming into bloom just about now–it’s budded. Instead it looks like this.

Wilting shakeout

Needless to say, because of the drought, we are not watering. But this is sad to see.

Again, it is nothing compared to the heart-rending images in the media of worldwide devastation caused by weather. It is literally nothing.

I am doing what I can for my pollinators–keeping small fresh sources of water available. But other than that, their plant palette is limited in my yard this year.

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