Happy July 4th!

Hydrangea bouquet

Happy July 4th to all who celebrate.

These hydrangeas were picked from that hedge that I keep showing photos of. They are Invincibelle Spirit (the pink), Endless Summer, (the blue), and a self-sown sport of the pink which has both pure white and blush pink flowers.

I will post more about those–because I have several of them from two different arborescens type hybrids– on Friday.

Just one other sort of funny comment before we all go off to enjoy the long weekend: this year the first day of astronomical summer–June 21–fell exactly 2 weeks before July 4. Why is that worth mentioning? If you are like me, someone in your life always remarks on July 4th, “Summer’s over.”

And sure enough, summer does seem to fly by here in the frozen north, compared to winter.

But there is still a full 2 months until Labor Day–the “unofficial ” end of summer–this year. And then a few weeks more until the autumn equinox.

And thankfully even after the equinox, it’s usually a couple of months before we have our first “real” snow. So this year, I don’t think that I will let those summer deniers bother me. For all I know, they are just counting the days until ski season begins.

One thought on “Happy July 4th!

  1. tonytomeo July 7, 2022 / 1:39 am

    Pink and blue in the same garden! Nowadays, some cultivars are more reliably one color or the other, and are influenced less by the pH of the soil.

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