Happy Pollinator Week!

Yes, you saw this pot just last week, but it was in a Wordless Wednesday post so I didn’t really comment about it.

While I didn’t specifically plant it as a pollinator container, it certainly fits the description. I have lots of red, yellow and purple flowers for different pollinators to choose from.

I have different flower shapes–the flat heads of verbena and lantana, as well as tubular blooms of angelonia and tropical hibiscus. And I know that hummingbirds love impatiens because I have seen them on them quite a bit so I added those as well.

Pollinator Week is a national initiative managed by pollinator.org to raise awareness about pollinators and their health and the ways we can support that. This year it runs from June 20-26.

I hope that the above container shows that you don’t necessarily need acres of gardens to support pollinators. Sometimes just a container is fine.

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