A Memorial Day Kindness

I have tweeted this before but in my car, the cup holders do double duty as plant holders

I generally do a post on Memorial Day about planting tomatoes and remembering my two favorite veterans–my Dad and a neighbor across the street, both of whom served in World War II.

I associate both men with tomatoes because I would grow tomato seedlings for them. I would start different varieties, harden them off and when they were ready pass them on.

As with most men of that era, they are gone now, and this year, (for a change) I am having surgery in 10 days so I didn’t even grow any seedlings for myself. There didn’t seem to be much point because I am literally going to be forced to recover face down for a week to 10 days and the last thing I want to do is impose any additional gardening on my sister, who is kindly coming to help.

Tomatoes for Memorial Day

And yet, here are 2 tomato plants, kindly gifted to me this year! So I was able to plant them for Memorial Day and have my memories.

They also come from a kind Vietnamese gentleman. His congregation shares space at my church. We met up outside, began talking and he offered the plants. I was touched and am grateful to have them.

I have a type of stake called a tomato spiral. I will set that in and ideally they will train themselves up it. It usually works pretty well as long as you get the leader started through.

Then, ideally, just some watering will be needed while I am flat on my face. We shall see.

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