The Darker Side of Summering Your Plants Outside

Hey! Who’s eating my lemons?

Generally when I talk about bringing house plants outside for the summer, I generally only talk about positive things like increased growth. And that definitely happens.

But it occurred to me that I should mention that there were definitely some other possible situations as well.

Were you digging for buried treasure?

This is generally my most common problem in the garden and occasionally in the house plant containers as well. A critter–usually a chipmunk or squirrel–will dig in the soil and upend a plant. It happens when I plant annuals, perennials, vegetables and when I bring my house plants outside. Usually if I catch the upended plant quickly enough, no harm is done.

Oopsie–did you mistake this for a real tree!

It’s a little tough to see what’s happened here, but this is the top of my fiddle leaf fig, snapped off by something. This sort of thing happens once every couple of years. I suspect that a bird mistakes the plant for something much sturdier and that’s how the plant gets broken. Usually the plant is able to recover. Once it was a gorgeous coleus topiary that I had trained. It was split in 2, so there was no saving that. But this is what nature is about.

And of course, accidents with plants can sometimes be opportunities. We’ll see how this fiddle leaf fig turns out. Stay tuned.

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