Out of Season Amaryllis

Amaryllis coming up from the basement

A few weeks ago–before I began moving my houseplants outside–I brought my amaryllis out of “dormant storage ” in my basement.

At that point I re-potted all of them. As you can see from this photo, some of the larger bulbs need larger pots and some of the other bulbs can really go into smaller pots.

Amaryllis after re-potting

So this is the finished product–and no, your eyes don’t deceive you. There are fewer pots. The ones with flower buds or spikes are on my sun porch at this point for warmth.

All the amaryllis

Now that we are having “July ” (in other words, summertime warmth), the amaryllis–both the stored bulbs from prior years and this year’s bulbs (with the leaves) are all where I grow them for the summer. I count 6 flower buds or spikes so far. Fun!

And no, we didn’t host a wedding. These are the petals from our dogwood. It’s nature’s wedding showers.

One thought on “Out of Season Amaryllis

  1. Susan May 23, 2022 / 10:10 am

    I’m just started mine last week. I have no idea what to expect. Thanks for the post !

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