Take Time to Smell the Roses

Hellebores aka Lenten roses

I just finished my Spring article for WeHa Magazine, our local glossy lifestyle magazine. One of the first points that I made in the article is that spring is the busiest time in the garden and if you’re not careful it can turn into a non-stop round of chores. That’s why it’s important to take time every time you are outside to metaphorically “smell the roses,” and to enjoy the beauty of what each season holds.

I am pretty lucky because I get outside at least 2-3 times each day without gardening: I walk a dog. So that lets me enjoy the warm sun, the birdsong, and whatever delights nature might have on a given day without obsessing too much over which gardening chores I still have to do.

Sometimes I walk the dog repeatedly by the same bed and finally I can’t stand looking at something–in the dead of winter I went down and pruned off a branch that was hitting her on the head and back every time she walked by a particular plant. But that’s rare.

Usually I just enjoy listening to the various natural sounds around me–at least until she spies a squirrel and tries to give chase!

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