Not Just a Drive Through

Snowdrops by a stream is a little wooded glade on a neighbor’s property

If you are from somewhere else and you just happen to pass through Connecticut on I-95, much of what I am about to say will come as a surprise. I know this for a fact because my first trip to Connecticut was exactly that:just a drive along I-95 in the dead of winter and I found myself wondering why everyone thought it was such a pretty state? The drive took us through industrial areas (because really, why run your interstate highways through nature preserves? Not a good idea) and we could see strip malls off the exits–not terribly inspiring.

But you don’t need to venture very far off the interstate to get to the “pretty ” parts because Connecticut is a very small state.

It is one of the most heavily forested areas of the country so as soon as you leave the highway you quickly find yourself on tree lined roads.

Witch hazel in bloom

And while it is still definitely winter here, a few things are blooming, like this witch hazel. I took this photo last week in a little drizzle. Later in the day, we had this.

Later season snow

This time of year, weather is a little finicky. By the end of the week, this was all gone and it was 75 degrees. I am not kidding about finicky.

So if all you know of Connecticut is I-95, try getting off the highway. You won’t be sorry.

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