February Flowers–Second Bloom on Zygocactus

Zygocactus second bloom

If you recall my posts about these wonderful plants, I often say that I love them because of their long bloom time. I will say that I often have them in bloom from what we once called Columbus Day and I will now simply say mid-October until Valentine’s Day (which I think is still okay to say). That’s 4 full months, more or less.

And yet, suddenly, I am seeing houseplantfluencers all over social media crowing about their “second bloom” on these plants as if it’s something rare or special. Do they really not know that this happens? Ummm…….

Anyway, whether this is your first time seeing this or you see it every year, it’s still quite lovely and worth celebrating in a cold, dark month. Thankfully in March, we begin meteorological spring.

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