February Flowers–the Old Fashioned Pilea

As plants go–and in general–I am not a fan of the trendy. So does it surprise you that I would prefer the old-fashioned pilea ‘Moon Valley’ to the trendy one every one has to have, yesterday’s “it” plant, pilea peperomoides?

That plant, of course, has now been supplanted (sorry, no bad pun intended) by some crazy variegated plants. I am not sure that I can even keep track right now.

But I like this old-fashioned pilea and find it so interesting. For one thing, as you can probably guess by now, it ticks my boxes for interesting leaves.

Pilea flowers

But better yet, it has these sweet flowers almost continually. They begin pink in the bud and fade out to creamy white. Anything that flowers in February in my part of the world is great with me.

So I will leave the trendy plants to the plantfluencers. I am happy with this one.

2 thoughts on “February Flowers–the Old Fashioned Pilea

  1. gardendaze February 22, 2022 / 5:11 am

    You don’t think? Heck, when I was growing this as a teenager, I consider it old-fashioned. Who knows? Maybe it’s back in style again.


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