February Flowers–Hyacinths

Forced hyacinths

Since February is a short month–and one that, at least in my part of the world is cold, gray and nasty!– I thought I would bring a little color and joy to my blog with something I will call “February Flowers.”

As a general rule, I don’t talk about flowers much, particularly when it comes to indoor plants. I am more apt to focus on beautiful leaves–which last a lot longer, and sometimes can be showier than flowers anyway.

But since I literally branched out and did something different with #bloganuary, I thought I would try something different–although still in my traditional gardening vein–for February as well. So let’s do it!

The photo above is of my hyacinths that I started forcing Thanksgiving weekend. They are beginning to come into bloom now, and what’s interesting is that I started 9 of them at the same time and only these 3 are ready–and even these 3 are not even ready at the same time. They have all been kept in the same place at the same temperature so that is not the issue. I guess bulbs have their own internal clock, particularly when being forced. That makes what the growers do at all these indoor flower shows all the more impressive!

Mini daffodils

I always supplement my own forcing with whatever’s available at the market because I am always starved for color this time of year. And for whatever reason, I usually want to buy cut tulips and they have been few and far between this year, making these cute little yellow daffodils all the more welcome!

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