Small and Humble

Today’s writing prompt asks how we feel when we look at the stars.

For this prompt, I am choosing to interpret “stars” as the universe and not Hollywood–I think that I have already noted that I don’t really pay much attention to that and would prefer to read a book.

But stargazing is a different thing. I do like to do that and can identify the basic constellations and the winter planets. I like to keep track of where the ISS is (although this time of year, it’s a little cold for me to go out to see it fly over).

And while I am a little too far north to see the launches from Wallops Island, I have tried to see them when I was vacationing further south.

So yes, skywatching is a thing for me. And every time I look up into that vast dark sky with those unbelievable numbers of stars, first, I am awed by the beauty and then I feel very tiny indeed.


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