If I Were a Tree, I Would Be Shrub-like

Today’s writing prompt is to describe myself as a tree.

This takes some thought–but ultimately isn’t it about choosing characteristics that we have and share, in this case, with trees?

I chose Shadblow, Amelanchier Canadensis. It’s native to the Eastern United States, as am I.

It’s a fairly unassuming tree, most often taking a shrubby form. It grows from 10-20 feet and bears bluish-purple fruits in June, giving it one of its common names, Juneberry.

So why would I choose this, other than the fact that we are both east coast natives?

Well, it can grow in wet or swampy places. I grew up on a barrier island and now live near a lake with heavy wet clay so that is like me.

Its fruits feed wildlife and my yard is certified by 4 different entities as a habitat garden so clearly I garden for nature and wildlife.

And generally it’s not terribly assuming–it’s not a beautiful Japanese maple or a tall oak (which also feeds wildlife) or a showy dogwood or magnolia (as much as I like and grow all of those).

Shadblow just blends in, does its thing, and that’s that.


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