To Change the World, Just Reach One Person

Today’s writing prompt asks about how we are changing the world.

I have mentioned in passing that one of my job responsibilities is counseling grieving families. I am always amazed by what those family members tell me about their now deceased loved ones. I will venture to say that the deceased people had no idea about how much difference they made in the lives of the people now sitting before me, telling their stories.

And for the most part, these are just ordinary people–they could be my parents or grandparents (or perish the thought, sometimes my sisters, brothers or children).

But because of their kindness, sometimes the things they shared, the way they raised the people before me–it has made all the difference.

So I am taking these lessons to heart. When someone goes to meet with my counterpart someday, all I can hope is that I have at least touched someone somewhere as deeply as these family members have. Then I too will have changed the world because I will have made a difference to at least one person.


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