The Sound of Silence

Today’s writing prompt asks about what is on our music playlist.

From my title, you know what’s coming. You can probably surmise–correctly–that I don’t have an Apple music, Spotify or Pandora account–so no playlists anywhere.

I do have Sirius radio so on occasion I listen to that. And you will notice that I have said, “on occasion. ” It’s generally when I hit the wrong button in the car–or if I am on a longer trip. My work “commute” is somewhere between 5-10 minutes depending on traffic, school buses, and stop lights. Depending on my mood, I even have silence in the car.

When I am out walking with the dog, it seems most everyone has earbuds in–so I know that I am unusual. But on a walk, I like to listen to the sounds of the birds, who even now, in this cold winter, are beginning to sing again.

The lake that I live on is completely frozen over for the first time in several years. The ice makes all kinds of noise–if you don’t have earbuds in your head and can hear it.

And of course we have our resident bald eagles, as well as other raptors, that fly around and call to each other. Who wants to miss that?

And these are just the “winter” sounds–the sounds I hear in silence.


2 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. John Hric January 28, 2022 / 10:17 am

    Karla, I am mostly in a similar spot. None of my music is in the streaming form. When I go out to the garden in pleasant weather I often bring out a CD player. Walking in the park I want to hear nature.

    • gardendaze January 28, 2022 / 10:48 am

      I will occasionally think about bringing something outside–even a podcast that I might like to start or listen to–but once I am out there, I find that I so love the nature sounds that I don’t do it. This morning I was enchanted to see our pair of eagles gathering sticks for their nest. One of them made a tiny little sound that alerted me to their presence. I guess I just hate to miss that sort of thing–although some quiet music probably wouldn’t stop that either. Maybe I should try it some time–broaden my horizons a little 🙂


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