Mysteries Sometimes Lurk Closest to Home

Today’s writing prompt is to write about something mysterious.

There are so many possibilities–so I guess that’s what makes this a great prompt! And I am not quite sure how I might even define “mysterious.”

Is it something unexplained like the UFO phenomenon or paranormal things? (My husband, aka the Spoiler, is a fan of such TV shows so I hear about more of this stuff than I really care to).

Is it something that I haven’t learned to understand (and might not be capable of understanding) like quantum mechanics or string theory?

Actually to me what’s truly mysterious is why winter storms are so hard to forecast. They can tell us days in advance (usually) when and where a hurricane is going. We get tornado warnings with regularity–and there are no tornadoes in sight.

But snow? They might as well be trying to forecast how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin. I truly don’t understand this.

I have completely stopped watching all our local broadcast channels because they only know how much snow we’ll get once it stops snowing.

There are some internet folks who really seem to be able to use science and the various computer models to discuss the coming storms intelligently–and to make fairly accurate predictions. But it’s early days for me using them as “forecasts.”

Perhaps my mystery will be solved by just choosing this better forecast method. Time will tell.

In the meantime, winter forecasting remains very mysterious to me!


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