Care for the Earth

Today’s writing prompt asks about a cause we are passionate about and why.

I am old enough to remember the very first Earth Day. That means that I remember a time when things were much worse than today (no recycling, polluted rivers on fire, litter everywhere) and a time when the words “climate change ” didn’t exist in our vocabulary.

I am blessed because I was taught–both by my parents and in my school–that it was my duty to care for our planet. I still believe that and I try passionately to convince others to do the same.

All I have to do, however, is to walk outside with my dog to see that others were not raised to not throw trash out of car windows (for example). It’s astonishing what I will pick up in a given walk.

Our state even passed a bottle deposit law hoping it would keep people from throwing those little single drink liquor bottles out car windows. I can tell you that it didn’t work. I am picking up as many as ever.

Recycling is another thing that I am quite passionate about. At work, they call me the “professor ” for my esoteric recycling knowledge and information about where to recycle something. I will bring a lot of it offsite myself, just to make sure that it is done. It is combined with another trip so as not to use any extra gas.

These are just a few small ways that I try to care for the earth (in addition to gardening organically, of course).


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