Are Life Lessons Universal?

Today’s writing prompt is to write about a life lesson everyone should learn.

Clearly from my title, I am a bit skeptical. After all, if each of us is unique, how can there be universal life lessons?

But since life lessons seem to sound a bit like cliches, even if they happen to be personal beliefs, I will say that if I had a life lesson that I wished my younger self, some of my work colleagues over the years, and occasional friends could live by, it would be this:be yourself.

A lot of angst and heartache–nevermind problems and deception–can be avoided by just following those two simple words of advice. Do they rise to the level of a life lesson? I think so.

Further, I think it’s about as close to as universal a piece of advice that I can give.

I am just trying to imagine the world in which this is possible, starting with politicians.

I am guessing that this advice may not help them much.


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