Challenge or Opportunity?

Today’s writing prompt is to write about a challenge I have faced.

At first, I thought, well, I have been blessed. There haven’t really been many challenges in my life.

Then I started to think back over the posts that I have written for this writing challenge. No, these writing prompts aren’t my challenge, but in one, I believe I mentioned a few career changes. Those were probably my biggest challenges, especially this last one, believe it or not, when I went from retail gardening to office manager.

Somehow no one could get past my past life as a lawyer. I kept hearing things like “you won’t be happy,” and “once the economy improves, you will go right back to being a lawyer. “

Now I am not sure what the economy had to do with my legal practice. I was in real estate and when times were good, I did closings, and when they were not, I did foreclosure bank work. So that last argument was absurd!

And as for the “you won’t be happy ” part? I am now starting my 13th year at my office manager job. So that was just silly too!

Obviously there have been many other life and health challenges as well but I still remember the frustration of this particular job change and people’s close-mindedness. It was a huge challenge.


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