The Perfect Day

Today’s writing prompt is to write about my ideal day.

You can tell from the title of the post that I have changed this slightly from ideal to perfect. To me, the two words are synonymous, at least as far as this writing exercise goes.

My ideal, or perfect, day doesn’t happen in winter because it’s a lovely sunny day about 75 degrees. There’s almost no wind, only that warm soft breeze that feels like a caress on your skin.

I spend the morning in the garden. It really doesn’t matter what I am doing but what I love to do best is what I call “puttering ,” which means that I go outside with no set agenda and see what needs to be done: a little weeding here, perhaps some deadheading, tying up something perhaps–you get the idea.

I stop for lunch and take the dog on a nice walk.

After lunch, then I go to the beach with a book, find a shady spot and read for a few hours.

In the evening, after takeout (or, if we’re really dreaming, a nice meal outside at a restaurant!) since it’s possibly still light out I can walk with the dog for a final time that day.

What a perfect, relaxing day!


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