Emojis or No?

Today’s writing prompt asks about the emojis I like to use.

While it’s an interesting question, for those who have read this blog for the last 12 years, you know that you have never seen an emoji. So. I am afraid that I have nothing to say about this.

It may be that I write too many things for too many places to consider using emojis. It’s not that I am unfamiliar with them–as I am typing this, my tablet is suggesting all sorts of emojis to punctuate it with–and has suggested emojis for my posts for years.

And I don’t think it’s an age thing. I know lots of people older than I am who have taken to emojis quite naturally.

But when you write for a magazine and newsletters and trade publications, you don’t naturally get into the habit of punctuating your sentences with little cartoons. That’s my background, so I have not taken to emojis.


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