Laughing is Easy

Our prompt of the day is what makes me laugh?

I really can’t identify any specific thing but I will say that I do laugh often and a lot. I probably laugh most often at my dog, Amie, who, as most people who own dogs will tell you, will do all sorts of silly things–or at least things that look silly to me. I am sure that they make perfect sense to her.

But I am also happy to laugh if someone tells a corny joke or makes a bad pun, so long as it’s not mean-spirited or at the expense of someone.

On the weekend, as I drive around on errands and listen to some of those NPR quiz shows, some of the comedy on those, particularly “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, ” makes me laugh.

So I do laugh quite easily. Quite frankly, that’s much better than the alternatives.


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