Bread for the Hungry is Inspiring

Our writing prompt asks us to write about someone who inspires us and why.

Believe it or not, this was a bit of a challenge. I don’t really have anyone that I think of as a mentor or a role model. I don’t look up to sports figures and I probably can’t even identify half the current movie stars. And I know I don’t know who’s current in music these days.

What I finally settled on was a story that I heard last night on NBC News. I am not sure how many of you have heard about the traffic snarl on I-95 in Virginia due to snow on Monday. People were trapped in their cars overnight, some as long as 24 hours or longer in freezing temperatures.

Clearly that’s not the inspiring part. There was a newlywed couple (and am sorry to say that at the beginning of the story I wasn’t paying much attention–all I know is that they were newlyweds and trapped in this traffic jam).

It’s what they did that’s the inspirational part. Ahead of them in the line of stopped traffic, they saw a bread truck–so they called the company. And the owner of the company authorized the driver to distribute the contents of his truck to all those around him!

There’s a cute selfie of the couple with some rolls and a loaf of bread.

That kind of thinking–I am quite sure that I never would have thought to do that–is so impressive and thoughtful.

And so that couple–whose names I don’t even know–inspires me. I hope that, perish the thought, if I am ever in such a situation, I will be able to think so creatively and to help not only myself but lots of others as well.


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