Happy New Year

Lemon tree

For January, I am participating in WordPress’s #bloganuary, so I will be posting every day but I have to post about their prompts.

Today’s question is “What would you tell your teenage self?”

And this is how I know that I am an old coot already: I immediately thought “that’s a heck of a question for New Year’s. Who wants to look back? We just did that?” But all right, here goes.

First don’t take everything so seriously. I still say to this day that I was born old. It’s not always a good trait. Lighten up.

Next, believe it or not, the same church that you find so boring now will one day be a great comfort. Scary but true. Don’t give up hope and keep praying.

And finally keep gardening and growing things. That too will sustain you wherever you go. It feeds the body and the soul. You’ll see a lot of crazy things come and go in the gardening world. Ignore most of it, focus on the plants and don’t use a lot of crazy stuff on them. If something becomes too insect infested to deal with naturally, throw it away or compost it. It’s really pretty simple.

As for people, like everything else, they too will come and go in your life. If you treat them as well as you would like to be treated, that’s pretty good.


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